By Owen Peredo

Create amazing contents visually: Tabs, Sliders, Accordions, Videos, etc.

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Last Updated : 2018-01-09
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Create amazing content structure (bootstrap columns) and manage your content elements visually: Tabs, Sliders, Accordions, Videos, etc.


  • One click installation.
  • ie8+ support
  • responsive
  • bootstrap 3x
  • manage columns (15%, 20%, 33%, 50%, ...)
  • drag and drop visual elements within columns
  • fullscreen mode
  • preview mode
  • save and reuse templates
  • css style editor (parallax support)
  • clone elements and columns

To install and active plugin:

  1. In your Gemfile add:
    gem 'camaleon_editor', github: 'owen2345/camaleon_editor'
  2. Unzip attached
  3. copy plugin_camaleon_editor_private_helper.rb in my_project/app/helpers/plugin_camaleon_editor_private_helper.rb
  4. In the console: 
    bundle install
  5. navigate to admin->plugins->search and install camaleon_editor
  6. Go to create a new content and switch editor into ''Visual Editor"


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