By Owen Peredo

Camaleon CMS - Sree is a plugin of Camaleon CMS to add Camaleon CMS into Spree CMS

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Last Updated : 2017-10-02
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Camaleon CMS - Sree is a plugin of Camaleon CMS to add Camaleon CMS into Spree CMS

This plugin permit you to add custom fields for Spree Products by simple Drag and Drop, add custom fields for Camaleon Contents using Spree Products and Categories, also permits to manage your menus from Camaleon CMS.

* Create custom fields for Spree Products, sample: related pages.
* Spree Products and Categories as Custom fields to use in Camaleon CMS Pages, sample: related products.
* Spree Products/Categories available in Camaleon CMS menus editor
* Manage Store Menus by Camaleon CMS


  • Sample template for Spree Page using related products: template_product_page.html.erb Copy inside your camaleon theme/views and assign it in page edit form.
  • Sample frontend show product custom fields _product_custom_fields.html.erb Copy inside your app/views/defaces/product_custom_fields.html.erb and create a deface for Spree, like: virtual_path: 'spree/products/show', name: 'cama_product_view_custom_fields', insert_bottom: '[data-hook="product_taxons"]', partial: 'defaces/product_custom_fields' ) 
  • Add Camaleon CMS Menus in Spree Layout (Download sample template here and copy to app/views/defaces/_layout_menus) virtual_path: 'spree/layouts/spree_application', name: 'cama_menus_in_spree', insert_top: '[data-hook="body"]', partial: 'defaces/layout_menus' ) 

Admin User: | 12345678




  • Install Spree
    If there is an error creating admin user: please do this:  rake spree_auth:admin:create 
  • Install Camaleon CMS '>= 2.4.3' (check installation steps here).
  • Edit Camaleon CMS Settings config/system.json  "user_model": "Spree::User", "admin_path_name": "store_admin" 
  • Edit Gemfile
    gem 'camaleon_spree', '>= 0.0.3'
  • Copy private file private_helper.rb to app/helpers/plugins/camaleon_spree/private_helper.rb
  • Install plugin, generate migrations and run migrations
    bundle install
    rake camaleon_cms:generate_migrations
    rake db:migrate
  • Restart Server
  • Complete Camaleon CMS Installation by visiting: http://localhost:3000/store_admin
  • Active your plugin in store_admin -> plugins
  • Configure your camaleon layout in plugin settings (optional), default use spree layout for camaleon pages
  • Create your custom fields for Spree Products or Camaleon Pages
  • Enjoy!






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