Installation on Existent Project

Camaleon CMS can be integrated into existent Rails Project.

Steps to install: 

  1. Add camaleon_cms to your Gemfile (review github for the last stable version)

    gem "camaleon_cms", '>= 2.4.3'
  2. Only Rails 5 support (Add your your Gemfile)
    gem 'activemodel-serializers-xml', git: ''
    gem 'draper', github: 'audionerd/draper', branch: 'rails5'

    Create a file "lib/rails/test_unit/sub_test_task.rb" in your project (draper patch)

    class Rails::SubTestTask < Rake::TestTask
  3. Install the gem

    bundle install
  4. Install the CMS (This will copy some basic templates and plugins in your project)

    rails generate camaleon_cms:install
  5. Before continue (Very Important)
    1. Open camaleon cms configuration in config/system.json (review and modify according your needs)
    2. You can customize your admin url path by "admin_path_name": "secret_admin"
    3. You can avoid overwrite your DB tables by adding a prefix by "db_prefix": "myprefix_"
    4. You can add camaleon cms within a url prefix by (all urls of camaleon will be prefixed with this value) "relative_url_root": "blog"
    5. You can reuse your existent user authentication to access into camaleon admin panel:
    6. Check full configurations here:
  6. Generate database structure

    rake db:migrate
  7. Start your server

    rails server # and then go to your browser http://localhost:3000/
  8. Open a browser and navigate to http://localhost:3000 (First time will show new site form)

  9. Access information for your site

  10. That's it.