Installation and Migration 1x

  • Install Ruby on Rails 4.1+ Visit here.
  • Create your rails project

    rails new my_project
  • Add the gem in your Gemfile

    gem 'camaleon_cms', '1.1.0'
  • Install the gem

    bundle install # bundle update if you have previous version installed
  • Install the CMS (This will copy some basic templates and plugins in your project)

    rails generate camaleon_cms:install
  • Install required Gems for CMS and basic plugins

    bundle install
  • Create database structure

    rake db:migrate
  • Start your server

    rails server # and then go to your browser http://localhost:3000/

Migrating from 1.x or earlier to 2x?

# If you are using Camaleon CMS 1x, you need to use this patch 
gem "migration1x", github: 'owen2345/camaleoncms_1xmigration'
  • Prefix all your routes with cama_
    Sample: root_url into cama_root_url
  • prefix camaleon themplates with camaleon_cms
    Sample: "admin/settings/custom_fields/render" into "camaleon_cms/admin/settings/custom_fields/render"
  • Prefix model names
    Sample: Site.all into CamaleonCms::Site.all

Migrating from 0.2.x or earlier to 1x?

  1. Install camaleon as a gem as stated above or run bundle update 'camaleon_cms'
  2. Remove lib/Gemfile_camaleon

    rm lib/Gemfile_camaleon
  3. Remove code from Gemfile

    require './lib/plugin_routes'
  4. Install gems

    bundle install
  5. Update lib/plugin_routes.rb

    rails generate camaleon_cms:install
  6. Start/restart Rails

    rails server
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