How to add custom menus/sections to dashboard?

  1. Generate a plugin
    rails g camaleon_cms:gem_plugin sample_menus
  2. Add hook listener
    // my_plugin/config/camaleon_plugin.json
    "admin_before_load": [
  3. Create helper listener
    # my_plugin/app/helpers/plugins/sample_menu/main_helper.rb
    def my_plugin_admin_before_load
    # add menus
    sub_items1 = [
    {icon: "list", title: 'List of my items', url: '#url_path_here'},
    {icon: "plus", title: 'New My item', url: '#url_path_to_new_here'}

    # add menus after certain menu
    admin_menu_insert_menu_after("content", "my_plugin_menu", {icon: 'briefcase', title: 'My Menu Group', url: "", items: sub_items1})

    # just add a new single menu before created menu
    admin_menu_insert_menu_before("my_plugin_menu", "single_test_menu2", {icon: 'circle', title: 'Menu before my plugin', url: "#here_single_menu_url"})

    admin_menu_add_menu('custom_last_menu', {icon: 'circle', title: 'This is the last menu', url: admin_plugins_sample_menu_index_path})
    # here related helpers:
    Note: Plugin generator already includes two controllers with its index routes for example purposes, check it.
    Note 2: Your controllers for camaleon admin panel, needs to inherit from "CamaleonCms::Apps::PluginsAdminController" which includes all admin helpers for camaleon cms, example:
    class Plugins::SampleMenu::AdminController < CamaleonCms::Apps::PluginsAdminController
  4. Restart server
  5. Activate Plugin
  6. Enjoy!

Created at: 09 Oct 11:02 | Updated at: 09 Oct 11:02