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Create Advanced Custom Field

November 08, 2016 11:29

#/themes/e_shop/views/custom_field/_my_slider.html.erb <div class="group-input-fields-content" data-callback-render="render_my_custom_slider"> <div class="form-group"> <label>Ima...

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Sample Theme Helper

November 08, 2016 11:24

module Themes::PerspectiveTheme::MainHelper def self.included(klass) klass.helper_method [:perspective_social_networks] rescue "" # here your methods accessible from views end def perspective_theme...

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How to migrate to another domain

November 16, 2016 13:20

These are the steps to migrate/deploy to another domain: Export to sql your DB Replace your old domain to the new domain in the SQL, like: "http://localhost:3000/" into "" Repl...

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How to map custom domains

November 25, 2016 03:14

Camaleon CMS Permit you to customize your domains for old domains or support multiple domains to a single site, like this: # Add an initializer in config/initializers/

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November 28, 2016 15:24

Camaleon CMS manage shortcodes which permit you to represent small code for a functionality or some special content, like sliders, tabs ...Camaleon CMS support for many shortcodes in the same page,...

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Move SQlite DB to Production DB Mysql

December 01, 2016 14:48

When you worked in your development environment using sqllite3 DB, you will need to migrate your DB to Production DB (Mysql or Postgres). Export development.sqlite3 into sql format:CMD: sqlite3 pr...

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How can I control the visit to my categories?

January 12, 2017 11:54

For many reasons you can try to avoid/verify the visits for categories, posts or any other, then by this way you can do it: Create an initializer Create a before filter for :category on CamaleonCm...

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How to extend a Post Model?

January 23, 2017 13:36

By this way you can extend, overwrite a Camaleon CMS Post Model. Create an initializer # config/initializers/my_custom_cama_post.rbRails.application.config.to_prepare do CamaleonCms::Post.class_ev...

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How to configure AWS + Cloudfront?

April 10, 2017 13:03

Enter your AWS + Cloudfront settings in Admin -> Settings -> General Site -> File System TabSample: After change your settings, go to media section to clear cache and fetch files from the ...

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How to upload files by tasks?

April 05, 2017 14:46

This is a sample which uploads a remote file to the CMS storage (local or aws): # lib/tasks/owen.rakenamespace :owen do desc "Test download external image" task download_image: :environment do incl...