Custom Content Type Permissions
October 24, 2016 12:11

Steps: Create a hook def hook_for_available_user_roles_list(args) args[:roles_list][:post_type] << {:key=>"delete_category", :label=>"Delete Category", :description=>"Permits delet...

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How to customize post type routes
November 24, 2015 10:34

Sometimes is necessary to use custom url's for post types (content groups), these are the steps to customize: Append custom url support in your config/route.rb scope PluginRoutes.system_info["rela...

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How to add new frontend language?
November 01, 2017 09:22

This are the steps to add a new language for Admin Panel. Create a new yml file in config/locales/camaleon_cms/my_locale.yml Add your language key in config/system.json =>available_languages, c...

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How to add new admin language?
September 05, 2016 22:59

This are the steps to add a new language for Admin Panel. Create a new yml file in config/locales/camaleon_cms/admin/my_locale.yml Add your language name in config/locales/camaleon_cms/languages.y...

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Custom Authentication
October 19, 2016 22:14

Option 1) Change Authentication Into Devise Install Camaleon CMS Install devise gem 'devise'rails g devise:installrails g devise blogger Change migration disabling existent attributes (email, ti...

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Custom AWS Params
October 26, 2016 14:46

Sample to add and read extra attribute from AWS for each file: def my_hook_for_on_uploader(args) args[:aws_settings][:aws_file_upload_settings] = lambda{|settings| settings[:cache_control] = 'max-a...

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Custom Frontend Login
October 26, 2016 23:17

This is a sample to add your custom frontend login for your theme (Be careful with theme folder name). Create a controller within your themeapps/themes/{theme_folder_name}/frontend_sessions_contro...

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Create Simple Custom Field
November 08, 2016 11:36

#/themes/e_shop/views/custom_field/_country_select.html.erb<div class="group-input-fields-content"> <%= select_tag "#{field_name}[#{field.slug}][values][]", options_for_select(ISO3166::Co...

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Create Advanced Custom Field
November 08, 2016 11:29

#/themes/e_shop/views/custom_field/_my_slider.html.erb <div class="group-input-fields-content" data-callback-render="render_my_custom_slider"> <div class="form-group"> <label>Ima...

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Sample Theme Helper
November 08, 2016 11:24

module Themes::PerspectiveTheme::MainHelper def self.included(klass) klass.helper_method [:perspective_social_networks] rescue "" # here your methods accessible from views end def perspective_theme...

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