The Latest RoR Content Management System
June 29, 2015 20:49

Camaleon-CMS gives you the benefit that you can manage all your websites from a single point of access instead of having multiple applications with various user names and passwords. You can just sign in and manage your sites, e-commerce stores, blog, intranet, microsites from just a single point of login. Numerous websites can be created with just same installation and a simple form.

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6 Best Ruby On Rails Content Management Systems
December 01, 2015 13:59

(Rails Based CMS vs. WordPress) You should use Rails for your next website only if: You are tired of ready to go CMSs such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. You want to do something different. You are looking forward to building a personally customized and crafted website instead of using a ready template or theme. You need some special plugins and features for your website that are not available in other content management systems. Your website will be having versatile complex functionalities and tons of traffic.

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Deconstructing Camaleon: Analysis of New RoR CMS
December 01, 2015 13:50

Recently a new CMS system developed on basis of Ruby on Rails 4 has been introduced. Camaleon CMS has already drawn attention of a number of Ruby blogs. We also didn’t miss the new product and have analyzed properly what Camaleon CMS can offer regular users and Ruby on Rails developers.

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